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5 Time Saving Tips for Teacher Moms

Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.

Being a mom is A LOT of work, it is a job that never ends…and sometimes I feel the same way about teaching. So when these two worlds collide, it can seem overwhelming, or worse, as if you can’t give 100% to both areas of your life. Below is a list of 5 simple ways to help you be a rockstar mom and teacher 100% of the time!

Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.
Every Sunday I check the upcoming weather for the week and pick out 5 outfits accordingly. I steam them with my Joy Mangano Steamer and hang them in the front of my closet so they are ready to go.  I am seriously obsessed with my steamer. It heats up in a few short minutes and my clothes are wrinkle free with very minimal effort. This process makes my mornings WAY easier and allows me to sleep in a few minutes later each morning. 
Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.
I also spend some time on Sunday prepping my breakfast and lunch for the week. I’m a creature of habit so I tend to eat the same exact thing everyday, which makes planning easy. I eat yogurt for breakfast and a salad for lunch. To prevent my salads from getting soggy throughout the week I peel, cut and dice the goodies (cucumbers, tomatoes, chick peas, etc) and store them in the fridge in a Tupperware. Then I portion out lettuce in 5 separate Tupperware. Each night I simply take out the Tupperware of lettuce, add some of the goodies and I’m good to go. I keep a bottle of salad dressing and a box of plastic utensils at work. This is a super time saver.
Dinner is a whole other battle. Between being exhausted and having a toddler who wants to be entertained all the time, I have very little energy or time to dedicate to a meal. That is why I LOVE my Instant Pot. I can cook anything (no joke) in a matter of minutes. My favorite part, I can cook frozen meat in it! I am the queen of forgetting to defrost meat, which often left me in a panic and making pasta yet again. Not anymore! With an Instant Pot you can literally put meat directly from the freezer in the pot and have a delicious meal in around 20 minutes! Oh and did I mention that it requires zero attention….you set it and forget it. I put all the ingredients in and walk away to tend to my son. The pot beeps when it’s done and dinner is served!
Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.
Taking work home when you are a teacher is almost inevitable, but plan your best to avoid this. Create a schedule for your prep and lunch times that is realistic and stick to it. Here is a peek at my prep schedule tasks that allow me to take home little to no work each night.
Monday-Tuesday: Lesson plan for following week
Wednesday: Gather originals for copying, and take out any center materials that need to be prepped
Thursday: Make all photocopies for the following week. **I highly suggest you don’t wait until Friday to do this just in case the copy machine is jammed, broken, or just not cooperating**
Friday: Sort materials for the following week, create any anchor charts you will need, have centers ready to go
My preps are 45 minutes long, and after dropping students off, checking my mailbox and using the restroom I’m only left with about 30 minutes of work time. I stay focused and avoid distractions in order to get this work done. I also arrive at work significantly earlier than students and use my mornings and lunch time to complete these tasks. I’d rather work super hard during the day than bring work home.
Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.
And here is my absolute number one piece of advice. Make dry shampoo your best friend…no joke. I used to wash my hair everyday, which just tacked on the minutes to my morning routine as I either had to dry it, straighten it, curl it, or whatever the hell I decided to do that day. Then I found dry shampoo. Before I knew it my hair was trained to adjust to not being washed daily, and the dry shampoo kept it looking clean, smelling fresh and styled! I wash my hair only twice during the work week. This is probably my biggest and most favorite time saver, because curling my hair at 5am is not fun at all. There are about a million on the market but my two favorite are Batiste and Big Sexy Hair.
Bastiste is great when you want your hair to continue to feel clean. It smells good and leaves my hair soft and manageable. I especially like the one for brown hair because it leaves less of that white residue.
Big Sexy Hair is perfect when you want more texture and hold to your hair. It does leave a gritty feel but it also gives a ton of volume. If you are someone with fine hair and struggle to style it because of that, try this dry shampoo.
These are just 5 easy ways we can make our lives easier and make the most of our time as teacher moms. I hope you find this helpful! Don’t forget to pin this image below so you can refer back to this post whenever you need:
Time saving tips for working moms to help you maximize your time at home and feel less stressed.


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